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Copper Streak Trail

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Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before a.

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    45 stars I'd been meaning to try Rhodes' Westerns for uite a while and my interest was further piued by the chapter on him in Agnes Morley Cleaveland's memoir No Life for a Lady If all his books are as entertaining as Copper Streak Trail I think I'm sure to enjoy of them The story concerns a shrewd good hud old timer Pete Johnson and stalwart young Easterner Stanley Mitchell who together have found a rich deposit of copper and mu

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    Rhodes swaps his favorite setting of Southern New Mexico for Southeastern Arizona More of Rhodes’ usually satisfying fa

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    Some of what I know of Eugene Manlove Rhodes came from the Sat Eve Post and the New Yorker in his early years of writing He was an easterner who came to the state of NM Rhodes Canyon on White Sands Range in the San Andreas is where he found a home Before that he lived in an inn in Tularosa next door to my husbands grandmother and grandfather She is believed to be the subject of his story called Little Next Door We would love to find a pri

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