The Dark Side of Game Texturing (ebook) ☆ David Franson

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The Dark Side of Game Texturing

A perfect and direct starting point for a beginner game texture artist The Dark Side of Game Texturing is also an excellent reference for intermediate artists or for those who want to further their digital art skills Learn how to create game textures similar to the eerie sinister and ominous textures seen in.

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Great video games like uake Unreal Half Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein The Dark Side Of Game Texturing features a plethora of dynamic full color step by step texturing tutorials that reflect the nature of those games and including military fantasy medieval and sci fi You'll learn how to create decals.

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Like bullet holes blast marks signs and Sprites such as lightning fires and explosions are also covered Focusing on a topic rarely covered in other 3D graphics books this is an ultimate hands on guide to creating totally cool game textures that directly reflect the nature of many recently released video gam.

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