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Time • 1996121 • Graceland •147 • Jake and the Enemy •171 • Warning Warning • 2000176 • The.

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American Beauty

17 • Agape Among the Robots •51 • Her Own Private Sitcom •68 • Green Acres • 1999106 • Missing.

Allen M. Steele  5 Read

Fine Art of Watching •203 • A Walk Across Mars •230 • Tom Swift and His Humongous Mechanical Dude ?.

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    A good collection of some of Steele's short fiction mostly from a relatively short span of 1999 2001 There are a couple of good stories about dogs and robots that reminded me of Clifford Simak; a good rock'n'roller Graceland set on Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld; Green Acres the best marijuana story ever; and

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