(download Summary) Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory By Angela M. Cirucci

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Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory

Black Mirror is The Twilight Zone of the twenty first century Already a philosophical classic the series echoes the angst of an era a civilization and consciousness fully engulfed in the 247 media spectacle spanning the planet With clever plots and existential themes Black Mirror presents near futures where humans collide with technology and each other tomorrows that.

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Audrillard Guy Debord Marshall McLuhan and Paul Virilio the authors reverse engineer Black Mirror by probing the ideas meanings and conditions embedded in the episodes This book is organized around six key topics reflected and explored in Black Mirror human identity surveillance culture spectacle and hyperreality aesthetics technology and existence and dystopian futur.

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Might arrive in five years or five minutes Featuring scholars from three continents and ten nations Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory is an international collection of critical media theory applied to one of the most intellectually provocative TV shows of our time and the all too real conditions that inspire it Drawing from thinkers such as Michel Foucault Jean B.

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