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3 thoughts on “झाडाझडती

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    This book tore my heart to shreds, and it's never been the same since. Never have I read anything that chronicles the human cost of development, dams displacement in as much heartbreaking detail as this does. If there's one book that deserves to be widely read, it is this one. "The Jambhlikars" disbelieving eyes stared at the dam. What a monstrous structure, crouching on our homes, our lands! They glanced westwards and saw a vast expa

  2. says:

    The book is all about people n their pain who had to leave their village due to a dam on the river, the entire village was going under river wat

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    धरणामुळे विस्थापित झालेल्या पूर्ण गावाचे व सरकारी उपेक्षेचे तसेच राजकीय धाकदप

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