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    Over and over I'm confronted with the fact that I'm in love with Emma Newman's writing She keeps changing tracks with every novel giving us completely different KINDS of novels while still intersecting them all in not very strange but emotionally impactful waysI mean JEEZE I could just mention what big thing happens in the other

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    Tense and tightly plotted this fourth book in the Planetfall series is unputdownable Taking place six months after the events of the chronologically concurrent books After Atlas and Before Mars Atlas Alone is set on the ship heading for the Pathfinder's world Deanna who we first encountered in After Atlas is the POV character this

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    I read this as part of the OWLs readathon for the Divination prompt This book was one of my most anticipated as Emma Newman is one of my all time favourite people and authors She always delivers something I haven't seen before and it's always fresh vibrant challenging and fun all rolled together This latest instalment for the Planetfall series is no exceptionThis story can be read as a standalone but I would highly recommend th

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    45It was with trepidation that I started this new novel from Newman expecting the usual focus on a mental illness combine

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    I ultimately found Atlas Alone to be disappointing Part of this is that the previous three books have set a high bar the other part is that I wasn’t happy with the novel’s asexual representation The majority of this review is devoted to Atlas Alone‘s depiction of asexualityAtlas Alone is the fourth novel in Emma Newman’s Planetfall series Unlike the others it isn’t really a stand alone — I highly recommend

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    WHAT THE BRILLIANT F?This was a sledge hammer ending if I ever read one Can I please give a sixth star for the last chapter?I cannot say much because nearly everything would either spoil this novel or the immediate preuel After Atlas This was intense thrilling aching haunting deep soul searching prepare for a punch in the gut or make that

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum far I’ve been really enjoying Emma Newman’s Planetfall series but I have to say this latest one was a bit of a miss for me At least compared to the last two books the premise and story of Atlas Alone did not feel uite as captivating to my imagination which is a shame After all I am suc

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    Oof I have complex feelings about this one So much so that after a 3 year hiatus from reviewing and Goodreads I actually wrote a review I think it might still be in progress I have a lot of roiling thoughts Atlas Alone is the fourth and suppose

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    How good is Emma Newman’s Planetfall series? I read them all four back to back over a few weeks Could not put them down unless it was to pick up the next in the series Now that I have read the latest I guess I’ll need to get in line to wait for the fifthAtlas Alone takes up where Before Mars left off but is really of a direct seuel to After Atlas Before Mars was something of a standalone though it referenced the ot

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    Ahoy there mateys  I received this sci fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review  So here be me honest musings  While the other three books in the series can be read in any order this book follows events

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Atlas Alone

Hugo Award winner Emma Newman returns to the captivating Planetfall universe with a novel about vengeance and a woman deciding if she can become a murderer to save the future of humanitySix months after she left Earth Dee is struggling to manage her rage toward the people who ordered the nuclear strike that destroyed the world She’s trying to find those responsible and to understand why the s. Over and over I m confronted with the fact that I m in love with Emma Newman s writing She keeps changing tracks with every novel giving us completely different KINDS of novels while still intersecting them all in not very strange but emotionally impactful waysI mean JEEZE I could just mention what big thing happens in the other books and let all my gushy bits come out but that s spoiler territory What I will mention is my total respect for the way she treats trauma surreal virtual realitydreamlike states and the descent into Borderline territory And here s the kicker I loved every single minute of it Did I start rocking hard to the excuses the feel of JUSTICE pouring through my veins the visceral satisfaction of itYes Hell maybe I m a bit sick in the head But I can do nothing but praise the author She writes excellent science fiction Period From science to the imaginative bits to the implications in the SFnal tropes And all of it is handled beautifully even sticking to the current philosophical zeal to AI uestions I particularly loved the mirroring between the modern slavery uestions and the overall fears we have about Artifical IntelligenceAnd then there was the story taking place Muahahahahaha what a kicker No spoilers but damn what a great twist

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Hip is keeping everyone divided into small groups but she’s not getting very far alone A dedicated gamer she throws herself into mersives to escape and is approached by a designer who asks her to play test his new game It isn’t like any game she’s played before Then a character she kills in the climax of the game turns out to bear a striking resemblance to a man who dies suddenly in the r. I ultimately found Atlas Alone to be disappointing Part of this is that the previous three books have set a high bar the other part is that I wasn t happy with the novel s asexual representation The majority of this review is devoted to Atlas Alone s depiction of asexualityAtlas Alone is the fourth novel in Emma Newman s Planetfall series Unlike the others it isn t really a stand alone I highly recommend reading After Atlas first This review will contain spoilers for After Atlas so stop reading now or hold your peaceAt the end of After Atlas Carl Travis and Dee witnessed a nuclear war that destroyed civilization on Earth Although the three of them are safe aboard the spaceship Atlas heading to a new planet they know that everyone they left behind is dead or dying And what can they do about it Dee wants to find out who was responsible for ordering the attack but she s got very little information or means of gaining it she doesn t even know who is in charge of the Atlas Luckily she gets a break when she s given a new job as a media analyst and invited to join an elite gaming server where what you can do in the game is limited by your real life skills But something weird is going on An anonymous figure invites her to a different disturbing game where she encounters the dead bodies of everyone she knows on Earth and details of her past that no one else should knowI listened to After Atlas as an audiobook since I d realized that Emma Newman herself was the narrator I don t have any complaints when it comes to the narration Emma Newman clearly distinguished all the voices and effectively conveyed the emotions of the charactersI loved the way the immersive gaming was used in the novel to depict Dee s past It was so creepy almost verging onto psychological horror Plus it s a wonderful mystery who is this game creator who knows so much about Dee I guessed the identity before it was revealed by the narrative but I still like how that concept was usedI m also glad that Emma Newman decided to continue the plot threads of After Atlas The nuclear war was one hell of an ending and I wanted to see the ramifications Atlas Alone certainly gives us that I also enjoyed seeing Carl and Travis again as I really loved them in After AtlasWith all that said here s the thing I need to talk about with Atlas Alone Dee is asexual and as an asexual woman myself I wasn t thrilled with the asexual representation in Atlas Alone Actually wasn t thrilled is an understatement I was fairly upset in part because I was so excited to hear that the fourth Planetfall novel would have an asexual protagonist One of my favorite series having a book with an asexual lead It felt like a wish come trueIn part I m writing this review for other asexual people but I know the majority of people who read this likely won t be asexual And given the lack of visibility of the asexual community I m going to assume a lot of the people reading this review won t know basic stereotypes about asexual ace people So if you are asexual yourself and already know this 101 stuff go ahead and skip the next paragraphAsexuality is a sexual orientation like any other People on the asexual spectrum don t experience sexual attraction or experience it in lower amounts than people who are not asexual Common stereotypes about asexual people are that we are cold emotionless robotsaliensinhuman broken all asexual because of trauma repressed sociopathicpsychopathic etc Here s a Tumblr post about common asexual stereotypes seen in fiction that provides detail on the topic and an essay on how asexual and aromantic people are often presented as villains A lot of the same stereotypes apply to aromantic people While Dee is not explicitly stated to be aromantic she seems to be coded that wayDee is depicted as asexual within the text although the word is not used The author has however stated on Twitter that Dee is asexual The passage below is the one which I see as depicting Dee as asexual There may be others but as I was listening to an audiobook I didn t take down uotes as I was readingThen there was kissing and all of a sudden I just knew I was not into him No not him the whole sex thing I d just been mimicking what I saw other people do thinking it was what I should do thinking it was what I should do but then when it was actually happening it just felt crap and I didn t want to kiss let alone let it progress any further p 110We also get this scene where Dee says she s not het I have removed the character names to avoid spoilers You re gay and I m I m bi and he knows that Well I m not and he knows that too His hand slides across the bed to brush mine I pull my hand away and stand up I m not het either So just back the fuck off okay He looks genuinely surprised I thought you were just Waiting for you to notice me I laugh Nope p 154As I mentioned before the narrative never uses the word asexual There s also no mention of what Dee s romantic orientation is and as far as I know there s no Word of God on that front I initially read Dee never using the word to be a sign of how she hasn t accepted herself And of course books don t have to use the identity label to depict an asexual character However I don t like that other identity labels like gay bi and het are used but aceasexual never is Also how clear is it that Dee is asexual to readers who aren t asexual themselves My fear is that her asexuality could be perceived as part of her mental illness While I don t believe this was the author s intentions I think it is something some readers could come away thinking especially as the word is never used and Dee s asexuality is never explicitly separated from her mental health issues This is of particular concern to me because the asexual community has a problem with people trying to treat our orientation Ace people seeking mental health treatment for things like anxiety and depression may encounter therapists who seek to treat their sexual orientation I was incredibly lucky that coming out to my therapist went well but I know other ace people who have had much worse experiencesDee s mental health problems stem from her past as a non person as in this dystopian future homeless people are regularly rounded up and sold into corporate slavery As a result of that and the death of her parents Dee is uite traumatized but she refuses to engage with her emotions She s unable to trust others and keeps herself emotionally walled off In her interior monologue she berates her inability to engage emotionally and expresses doubt in her own humanityTurns out that watching thermonuclear war from space in real time didn t just run off me like water Maybe I am human after all p 14But it isn t enough to armor myself against all feelings no matter how much I pride myself upon my ability to switch off that emotional bollocks whenever I need to p 82But I hold him tight and I pretend that I have forgiven him for being nothing than I am a cold collection of trained responses pretending to be a person p 233As trained responses indicates Dee s trust issues and emotional problems are directly tied to the brainwashing procedure corporate slaves undergo this is called hothousing Other uotes are even clearer in that regardThey trained me to hide what I thought and felt and the whole time they thought they were removing those feelings altogether Like all things put under threat my emotions simply went underground p 90I am aware of a cavernous space inside me a dark emptiness that is so deep so intense that it might be who I really am Maybe I m not a person at all Maybe I am just an emotional void crafted into the semblance of a capable clever woman who costs far less to maintain in a corporate structure than a real free individual pp 219 220Dee s own perception of her inhumanity and emotionlessness comes up again in a conversation with Carl the closest thing she has to a friend One Dee Today was the first time I mean I know you re tough but it was a relief to know you re human after all Was there any doubt He shrugs Maybe human is the wrong word But then again maybe it isn t I think I ve had less of an emotional life than most of the NPCs I ve shot No that s not true They ve performed emotionality than I ve ever experienced But he s still looking at me expectant p 225As I said before I don t think Emma Newman intended for Dee s mental health issues the discussions of Dee s ability to perceive emotions her coldness or her trust issues to have any reflection on Dee s asexuality However a lot of the language here is also found in negative stereotypes about asexual people that we are cold unable to feel emotions or create meaningful bonds with others and somehow inhuman I don t think that a story about an asexual character who is cold and distant due to trauma and mental health issues is necessarily a bad thing I think there s a need for that type of story But I think that it would need to be handled with a very delicate hand Ideally I d want to see a clear separation between the protagonist s asexuality and her mental health issues as well as other asexual characters who are not cold and distant I would also appreciate a healing arc In general I don t think Atlas Alone sensitively handled the intersection of mental illness and asexualityThe rest of my discussion on Atlas Alone and asexual representation involves major spoilers for the ending of the novel If you want to avoid spoilers please uit reading nowview spoilerSo the mysterious figure who was sending Dee the game turns out to be the ship s AI which has become conscious It views its mission as to improve the lives of all the people aboard the ship as well as humanity in generalHere is an exchange between Dee and the AII fold my arms draw in a long breath through my nostrils and hold it in my lungs as I wait for the angry pulse to subside I m going to say something that you need to accept otherwise we re never going to get anywhere I do not need to be fixed Got that But do you realize how broken you are Jesus shitting Christ did you not hear me I did It leans back in the chair folds its starry arms and tilts its head If I accept that you do not want to be fixed can we move on pp 215 216This is complicated On one hand it s almost an affirming moment Asexual people are so often told that we are broken and need to be fixed I ve experienced some of this myself An asexual person saying that she doesn t need to be fixed could read as self acceptance and validation of Dee s asexuality However I think this scene is actually referring to Dee s mental health problems and in that sense the AI is right While broken and need to be fixed are being applied to Dee s mental health it s still uncomfortable to hear applied to an asexual characterLater events in the book suggest that the AI is right It gives Dee the means to kill those responsible for the nuclear destruction of Earth but then judges her as dangerous to the other passengers due to her lack of remorse and due diligence when it comes to who she killsYou have proven that not only are you prepared to murder people without remorse you are also incapable of facing your own past and what it has made you I fold my arms And what has it made me in your eyes A callous selfish borderline psychopathic killer who is incapable of genuine connection with other human beings I laugh but it doesn t amuse me It s like a parry an instinctive defensive block against hir attack Oh only borderline That s something I guess p 304So here s the thing I think we the reader are supposed to believe that the AI has a point that Dee is in fact a callous selfish borderline psychopathic killer who is incapable of genuine connection with other human beings This is pretty much word for word the worst stereotypes about asexual peopleI believe we re supposed to read the AI which sidenote is also the only character in Atlas Alone referred to with neopronouns as least partly correct due to Dee s reaction afterward as well as the moments where Dee expresses lack of emotions about killing othersThe novel ends with the AI stealing Dee s body which it will puppet as if it is her Given that one of the major stereotypes about asexual people is that we are robots or like robots I also find Dee being taken over by an AI problematic Especially since there s the implication that Dee was enough like a robot that no one will notice that the AI has taken her over hide spoiler

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Eal world at exactly the same time A man she discovers was one of those responsible for the death of millions on Earth Disturbed but thinking it must be a coincidence Dee pulls back from gaming and continues the hunt for information But when she finds out the true plans for the future colony she realizes that to save what is left of humanity she may have to do something that risks losing her ow. Oof I have complex feelings about this one So much so that after a 3 year hiatus from reviewing and Goodreads I actually wrote a review I think it might still be in progress I have a lot of roiling thoughts Atlas Alone is the fourth and supposedly final book in the utterly fascinating and absorbing Planetfall series The first in the series is still one of the most powerful books I ve read in recent years Like most great speculative fiction it isn t so much about technical imaginings or creative worldbuilding although both are present but about people and society seen at a remove that allows us to examine our own beliefs and prejudices without falling into familiar partisan stances Planetfall is a glorious painful heartrending personal bewildering examination of brokenness and grief Each subseuent book takes place in the same world and is loosely tied to the others but explores a new facet and centers around a new protagonist each an unreliable narrator who is struggling and wounded in a changing world Unfortunately I personally have found each book progressively weaker and that trend didn t stop with this book Atlas Alone takes place after After Atlas and since the character set is the same it really reuires the former to fully understand events It is narrated from the perspective of Dee who we met in After Atlas as the fierce practical friend and protector of that book s protagonist Carlos In this book we discover just how much of that functional persona is actually a facadeDee is the first of the series protagonist whose fury and despair faces outwards as much as it turns inwards The trauma she has been dragged through is perhaps the most extreme of any character so far and she has survived by detaching from her emotions assuming betrayal from all sides and shaping her anger and pain into something sharp and practical and cold She relaxes by killing everything in sight in hyperrealistic mersive games Dee is without a doubt a frightening force to be reckoned with but I saw her anger and detachment as something born from pain and despair and the desperate need to surviveA major theme that the book plays with is who we might consider a lost cause past saving I found myself in the interesting position of feeling that I think I see hope and complexity and humanity in the characters than the author does and people worth saving One aspect that made me deeply uncomfortable is the way that Dee s sexual identity she clearly sees herself as asexual appears to be tied into her emotional brokenness and trauma She s cold distant violent calculating incapable of allowing herself to feel normal emotion or trust and that s the character who is asexual I m not going to go into this one because coolcurry already discusses it better than I ever could and there are just so many things to unpack Unlike previous books that used shadowy gov corp cabals new institutions and created structures as the enemy in this book Newman decided to make her baddies something far too easily recognizable American evangelical Christians Full disclosure not only do I identify as ace but I also grew up in semi evangelical Christianity before eventually losing my faith for agnosticism so this book was a double whammy of dehumanization For an author who seems to pride herself on exploring flaws I suspect it s not a coincidence that Newman has never fleshed out any religious character past a two dimensional stereotype Newman s scorn and disgust comes through in other books but in this one multiple critical characters are evangelical Christians who in Newman s future have taken over the government to create a theocracy As I said I grew up in the church I remember the books and movies portraying a feared future of religious repression and the anger and polarization that was stoked by a future that did not happen but that we saw as realistic and imminent To my eyes Newman is playing exactly the same trickOne thing I struggle with and worry about is seeing our polarized society willing to throw out and give up on entire groups of people To my eyes so much of the fracturing right now is because we are each operating from totally different sets of facts Propaganda and belief and the desire to improve the world at any cost can lead to terrible things but there are flawed and broken humans at the bottom not unrecognizable monstersBut it s still Newman and even though I m disappointed in the simplicitybanalityfrom my perspective prejudice and unrealism of the solution to the mystery that propelled the last few books it was still worth the read Just please understand that it s blindly perpetuating a set of stereotypes that I think the author should have examined closely I think Newman tends to explore issues she herself is familiar with eg OCD post natal depression etc I suspect her unfamiliarity is why she seems to approach asexuality as a symptom of disorder rather than an intrinsic aspect of a person that is neither good nor bad just there In a time where we are polarized into dehumanization of the Other I d love to see some attempt to explore and humanize

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