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John Wayne in the Movies

This one of a kind retrospective film critic Timothy Knight examines the Duke’s remarkable career with his entertaining text accompanied by hundreds o.

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F stills from films directed by John Ford Howard Hawks and other cinematic masters Chock full of anecdotes and uotes from Wayne’s directors and co star.

Timothy Knight  7 Summary

John Wayne in the Movies pays tribute to the screen icon who came to personify everything a man should be tough loyal sensitive and a straight shooter In.

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    This was a very insightful book into some of the best movies John Wayne made over his career They couldn't put every movie in but they looked at the best movies he made each decade There are photos and decriptions of each movie included Also included with the book is a DVD that showcases just over a dozen of his movies What I found really interesting about that was that in many of the DVD decriptions of each movie wer

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    This is a fine retrospective of all the movies John Wayne made He made some before I born so it was a good fact book

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