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Adoptive brother Carlos is as cruel as he is handsome and Rock understands that should one buy him he will be owned by bothpFine homoerotic fiction with lashings of.

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To Serve Two Masters Idol Series

Market day is a special time on the island of Ilyria The goods to be sold are men men who have learned to accept their lives of slavery Rock is one of these captive '.

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Livestock' his only hope being that the beautiful young stranger Dorian will be the one who buys him Even if he is lucky Rock knows his life will not be easy Dorian's. Copernicus Avenue easy Dorian's.

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    35 stars Enjoyable enough story about slaves where the dynamics change between who is the slave and who is the master I liked how things turned out with Carlos the meaner brother becoming subordinate to the actual slave and Dorian the younger

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    The first time I read this was in the early to mid 2000's I gave it away and later found it as an ebookI was guilty of masturbating in the carriage of a train the first time I read itI don't feel even with my limited reading experience that this could ever be counted as a spectacular read but I at least didn't get lost or confused

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