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The Pride You Trampled

Sylvia's pride bitterly hurt Would he ever be able to make her see him in a favorable ligh.

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At their first meeting Julian accused Sylvia of being a common little adventuress He soon.

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Realized his mistake and tried to make amends But it was too late The damage was done and.

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    This is a totally cute story about a lady who is horribly insulted by her presumed fiance his mother and then called a gold digging con artist tramp by the H She is then left financially destitute by her thieving uncle in law who dies and leaves her and her three siblings homeless Never fear the h is up to the task and sets about starting a teashop and hating the H He tries to help them but of course the h doesn't take i

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    Typical Harleuin start to the story with an arrogant rich hero slut shaming our innocent do gooding Mary Sue hero

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