Rowan Coleman { ebook Pdf } The Memory Book: A feel-good uplifting story about what we will do for love

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The Memory Book: A feel-good uplifting story about what we will do for love

N be all her daughters and husband have of her But how can she hold onto the past when her future is slipping through her fingersA Sunday Times bestselle. An excellent story both sad and happy it s life My father had alzhiemers and we watched him slowly and at times uickly fade away with this insidious desease The book made me understand from the sufferers point of view Through it all love prevails both in this book and real life

Free download The Memory Book: A feel-good uplifting story about what we will do for love

R and Richard & Judy Autumn Book Club pick The Memory Book is a critically acclaimed beautiful novel of mothers and daughters and what we will do for lov. Enjoyed this book immensely and loved the twist at the end Tissues a must Well written and good plot Recommend

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When time is running out every moment is preciousWhen Claire starts to write her Memory Book she already knows that this scrapbook of mementoes will soo. I m not sure what the benefit of this book is Surely it is well written well structured and well paced But from the first it is emotionally tolling and I have to ask myself the purpose of such a book as books are primarily for entertainment This was utterly sad it was not entertainment It was gut wrenching and a reminder in my mind of all of the physical and mental frailties that can cause humans to expire cruel hard and apparently random I think that these things are painful enough in real life without reading a fictional story about it

About the Author: Rowan Coleman

Im Rowan Coleman and I live in England with my husband 4 children and 2 dogs The Girl at the Window is my 14th novel is my twelfth novel I am also the author of the internationally bestselling THE MEMORY BOOK the double award winning THE RUNAWAY WIFE and the NYT bestseller THE ACCIDENTAL MOTHER and the Zoe Ball ITV Bookclub pick THE SUMMER OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS Growing up dyslexic made my dream of becoming a writer seem impossible but I never gave up trying and in 2001 I won Young Writer of the Year competition in Company Magazine This lead to the publication of my first novel and Ive never looked back since

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    Well, I guess it's official lately it seems that if a book has all 5 star reviews, it's a pretty sure bet I'll find it average at best. I just can't fathom that serious readers found this to be worthy of the highest, best of the best, rating you can give a book. This book never grabbed my attention, it really didn't even mildly interest me. I never cared about any of the characters, their relationships with one another, or what happened t

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    This is an amazing story of a woman with early onset Alzheimers disease and is told the perspective of her and her

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    I'm not sure what the benefit of this book is. Surely it is well written, well structured and well paced. But from the first

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    Really loved this book; fills you with all the things that are important in life when thing seem impossible and

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    An excellent story both sad and happy it's life. My father had alzhiemers and we watched him slowly and at times quickly fade away

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    This is an exceptional book on the very rough issue of gradually losing your memory. Events and memories
    need to be recorded all along.

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    Enjoyed this book immensely and loved the twist at the end. Tissues a must. Well written and good plot. Recommend

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    Absolutely brilliant, every woman should read this, what a magnificent book.

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    This book has been in my wish list for awhile and decided to get it on kindle when it was on offer. The story appealed to me when reading the description of the story, concerning the main character of the story, Claire having rapid dementia (ea

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    Claire was a teenage mum, who decided not to tell the father when she became pregnant, and to bring up the baby alone with the aid of her parents. When her daughter Caitlin is 15 she has some building work done and she and the builder, Greg, fa

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    This is another book that has sat on my kindle for far too long and that I read over Christmas during my kindle spring clean. I think I had been putting this one off since reading The Summer of Impossible Things, which I read last year and was in my top 3 reads of 2017. The reason I put The Memory Book off was because I was rather worried about reading it! This author seems to have an uncanny knack of bringi

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    This is a story I will not easily forget. It centres on Claire, a young mother who develops early onset dementia. She has two children, three year old Esther who is her ray of sunshine on the foggy days and Caitlin who is twenty and coming to

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    Heartbreaking and unforgettable story of Claire and her Memory book. Definitely a book that changed me.

    Claire finally found her happy ever after. Man she loves and he loves her unconditionally back, two beautiful daughters, job she is passionate about and just happy home. Future seems bright and there is so much to look forward to. Only until that one day when everything falls apart. When future doesn’t really exist any and all

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