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Stella Black has a 1969 Pontiac Firebird a leopard skin bra and a lot of attitude Partying her way around Hollywood she is discovered by Leon Lubrisky the billionaire mogul of Pleasure Dome Inc He per

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Stella Does Hollywood Black Lace

Suades her to work for him and she soon becomes one of the most famous adult stars in AmericaInvited on chat shows dating pop stars and hanging out with the Beverley Hills A list But dark forces are g

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Athering and a political party is outraged and determined to destroy Stella any which way they can Soon she finds herself in dangerous and highly sexually charged situations where no one can rescue he Hedge Witch rescue he

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    tried to hard to fit all the tastes in sotry was good towards the end worth sticking with it

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    Utterly utterly boring More porn than erotica and without a shred of a doubt the worst Black Lace novel I've ev

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