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Wit Red Scare tells the headlong story of a public school biology teacher and a National Gallery curator who join forces to thwart the dire conseuences of a medieval Italian curse This novel though slender is packed to overflowing with pri.

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Red Scare

From the acclaimed author of A SHORT HISTORY OF A SMALL PLACE and SEAWORTHY comes a wholesale departure a comichorrorromancefantasy infested with both unsavory American politicians and venomous Venetian lizards Awash in Pearson’s singular.

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Apic senators clueless teenagers dubious art history clumsy uasi romantic repartee garish worldwide bloodletting corrosive humor and enough malicious scuttling reptiles to keep you from ever planting your bare feet on a darkened floor again. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie you from ever planting Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose your bare feet on a darkened floor again.

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    Tour de force from t r pearsonThe amazing talent of T R Pearson who can do the police in different voices as well as Mississippi redneck their cousins from NC and VA and write as as good comic fiction has assayed a horror m

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    Ten by ten curse vindicatedLovers of La Serenissima will be delighted with this rollicking tale of historic jealousy that results into contemporary mayhem Scarlet skinks rapacious US senators and bloody scalpers From Venice to Washington DC How's that for a plot line? I think readers who enjoy mystical adventures will be surprised at the twists in Red Scare

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    A short mysteryromance with lizards Full review here Review of Red Scare by TR Pearson