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  • The Invincible Slave Owners
  • Isak Dinesen
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  • 13 November 2019
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The Invincible Slave Owners

Baden Baden 1875 an aristocratic spa town haven where Europe's elite might 'take the waters' and continue to perpetuate centuries of upper class tradition Axel Leth a young Danish nobleman uietly performs his established role amidst ageing widows. Devoted to Drew young Danish nobleman uietly performs his established role amidst ageing widows.

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And retired generals Enter Mizzie a red haired beauty shy and demure in the custody of her governess Miss Rabe Axel uickly falls in love But overhearing their tête à tête he soon learns that their performance runs much deeper than the superfi.

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Cial customs of an upper class watering hole In this tale of servants owners and the sham of the aristocratic world Isak Dinesen unravels the deep rooted desire of rulers to rule and the crushing burden of pretence upbringing and social acceptanc.

About the Author: Isak Dinesen

Karen BlixenBaroness Karen von Blixen Finecke Danish kʰɑːɑn ˈb̥leɡ̊sn̩; 17 April 1885 – 7 September 1962 born Karen Christentze Dinesen was a Danish author also known by the pen name Isak Dinesen who wrote works in Danish French and English She also at times used the pen names Tania Blixen Osceola and Pierre AndrézelBlixen is best known for Out of Africa an account of her life while living in Kenya and for one of her stories Babette's Feast both of which have been adapted into Academy Award winning motion pictures She is also noted for her Seven Gothic Tales particularly in Denmark