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  • Modern Clssics Road To Wigan Pier (Penguin Modern Classics)
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10 thoughts on “ Modern Clssics Road To Wigan Pier (Penguin Modern Classics)

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    Still reading this book by George Orwell which I am thoroughly enjoying. He gives a brilliant account of what he refers to as the working class system in UK which is interesting. I especially liked his description of coal mining in the early days quite awful for the workers, such a hard life for all the family. His writi

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    Not surprised. A good writer on a one track ideology
    As a glimpse of social history in the North it was useful but thats it

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    Once again George Orwell demonstrates why he is one of the greatest English writers to emerge in the 20th Century. His emphatic observations of the working conditions and lives of the working class are quite moving. I can only imagine what he would surmise about the fate of the working and middle classes in the 21st Century.

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    A careful and totally convincing document.

    Describes the suffering of the poor in yesterday's Britain.

    Introduces the reader to the mind and attitudes of an intelligent,
    empathic, decent, well informed human being.

    Reading Orwell leads to an awakening of one's best self in these

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    Once I start I can't put down anything Orwell has written. This book is no exception.

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    good and just a few typos and miss spellings

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    Excellent read but there is no info on the original publication. How to get a look at the inside covers of kindle books?

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    Even the most ardent George Orwell fan would admit that this book would do well with some editing. The Road to Wigan Pier is essentially two books, the first is an account of life in the industrial midlands and north. In this sectio

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    I'm loathed to give the book 2 stars. I love Orwell's work and this one is no exception. Orwell's experience in a coal min

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    This is a vivid and affecting account of the bleak lives of the working class in the industrial north of England. The first half is a set of essays, the first one is on life in a tripe shop come boarding house an

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 Modern Clssics Road To Wigan Pier (Penguin Modern Classics)

Blished with an introduction by Richard Hoggart in Penguin Modern Classics 'It is easy to see why the book created and still creates so sharp an impact exceptional immediacy freshness and vigour opinionated and bold Above all it is a study of poverty and behind that of the strength of class divisions' Richard Hoggart. I m loathed to give the book 2 stars I love Orwell s work and this one is no exception Orwell s experience in a coal mining village and his first hand account of poverty is gripping However this Kindle edition is shocking There are letters missed out and works incorrectly hyphenated Consider the Gutenberg edition or the paperback edition instead of this one

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Ce cramped slum housing dangerous mining conditions sualor hunger and growing unemployment are written with unblinking honesty fury and great humanity It crystallized the ideas that would be found in Orwell's later works and novels and remains a powerful portrait of poverty injustice and class divisions in Britain Pu. good and just a few typos and miss spellings

Summary Modern Clssics Road To Wigan Pier (Penguin Modern Classics)

A searing account of George Orwell's observations of working class life in the bleak industrial heartlands of Yorkshire and Lancashire in the 1930s The Road to Wigan Pier is a brilliant and bitter polemic that has lost none of its political impact over time His graphically unforgettable descriptions of social injusti. Not surprised A good writer on a one track ideologyAs a glimpse of social history in the North it was useful but thats it The Black Ice Score (Parker, useful but thats it

About the Author: George Orwell

George Orwell is one of England's most famous writers and social commentators Among his works are the classic political satire Animal Farm and the dystopian nightmare vision Nineteen Eighty Four Orwell was also a prolific essayist and it is for these works that he was perhaps best known during his lifetime They include Why I Write and Politics and the English Language His writing is at once insightful poignant and entertaining and continues to be read widely all over the worldEric Arthur Blair George Orwell was born in 1903 in India where his father worked for the Civil Service The family moved to England in 1907 and in 1917 Orwell entered Eton where he contributed regularly to the various college magazines From 1922 to 1927 he served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma an experience that inspired his first novel Burmese Days 1934 Several years of poverty followed He lived in Paris for two years before returning to England where he worked successively as a private tutor schoolteacher and bookshop assistant and contributed reviews and articles to a number of periodicals Down and Out in Paris and London was published in 1933 In 1936 he was commissioned by Victor Gollancz to visit areas of mass unemployment in Lancashire and Yorkshire and The Road to Wigan Pier 1937 is a powerful description of the poverty he saw thereAt the end of 1936 Orwell went to Spain to fight for the Republicans and was wounded Homage to Catalonia is his account of the civil war He was admitted to a sanatorium in 1938 and from then on was never fully fit He spent six months in Morocco and there wrote Coming Up for Air During the Second World War he served in the Home Guard and worked for the BBC Eastern Service from 1941 to 1943 As literary editor of the Tribune he contributed a regular page of political and literary commentary and he also wrote for the Observer and later for the Manchester Evening News His uniue political allegory Animal Farm was published in 1945 and it was this novel together with Nineteen Eighty Four 1949 which brought him world wide fameIt was around this time that Orwell's uniue political allegory Animal Farm 1945 was published The novel is recognised as a classic of modern political satire and is simultaneously an engaging story and convincing allegory It was this novel together with Nineteen Eighty Four 1949 which finally brought him world wide fame Nineteen Eighty Four's ominous depiction of a repressive totalitarian regime shocked contemporary readers but ensures that the book remains perhaps the preeminent dystopian novel of modern literatureOrwell's fiercely moral writing has consistently struck a chord with each passing generation The intense honesty and insight of his essays and non fiction made Orwell one of the foremost social commentators of his age Added to this his ability to construct elaborately imaginative fictional worlds which he imbued with this acute sense of morality has undoubtedly assured his contemporary and future relevanceGeorge Orwell died in London in January 1950