[PDF/EBOOK] PowerNomics : The National Plan to Empower Black America by Dr Claud Anderson – PDF & eBook

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PowerNomics : The National Plan to Empower Black America

Self sufficient and competitive as a group by the year In this book Dr Anderson obliterates the myths and illusions of black progress and

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Brings together data and information from many different sources to construct a framework for solutions to the dilemma of Black America

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PowerNomics The National Plan to Empower Black America is a five year plan to make Black America a prosperous and empowered race that is

About the Author: Dr Claud Anderson

Dr Claud Anderson is a noted black author who has successfully implemented social and economic change throughout his career His uniue background of experience is reflected in PowerNomics The National Plan To implement the strategy of industrializing Black communities he has established a vertically integrated seafood industry that is currently operating and will expand into urban areas across the nation His company is one of the few black owned companies to make stock available to the general public through an initial public offering In addition to his most recent seafood project he owns a vertically integrated publishing company and was one of the first blacks to own a radio station in Florida Dr Anderson headed two economic development corporations in Florida and was appointed by President Jimmy Carter as Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce and the head of the Coastal Plains Regional Commission In that position he worked with governors in the southeast states to develop and fund economic development projects including seafood He was Coordinator of Education for the State of Florida under Governor Reubin Askew during integration and has held a number of high level positions in national and state politics He is also President of The Harvest Institute a black research education and advocacy organization He is imminently ualified to offer a plan to empower Black America

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