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SUMMARY Understanding Looked After Children

Understanding Looked After Children is an accessible guide to understanding the mental health needs of children in foster care and the role of foster carers and support networks in helping these childrenThe authors provide foster carers with an insight into the psychological issues experienced by children in the care system and the impact of these i.

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Understanding Looked After Children

Ory services They also explain the possible impact of assessments on foster children and the causes and management of foster carers' own feelings of frustration anger or disappointment with social and mental health services or the placement itself Chapters are complemented by case studies and the book includes a helpful glossary to common terminolog.

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Ssues on the foster family Chapters cover cultural social and legal structures associated with foster care and both the relevant child psychology theory and examples drawn from real life situations The authors give advice on how to address common psychological issues in collaboration with multi agency professionals as well as how to access to statut.