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    This is a collection of strategy models like Porter’s 5 Forces or the BCG Matrix but it’s than that The author has written a strategy handbook on how to use these models as practical tools Strategy models are a diverse bunch and they relate to anything from how to set up a distribution chain to employee knowledge manag

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    “I wish I had thought of the idea for this book Or could have done it so well The selection of topics is excellent the commentary astute and the explanations simple and engaging Perfect for reading on a plane or browsing at home”Richard Koch entrepreneur co founder LEK Consulting and author The 8020 Princip

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    It's great reference and strategy framework

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    Amazing little book with plenty of insights and practical suggestions

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Key Strategy Tools

EssCovering 88 tools and framed within an innovative strategy development process the Strategy Pyramid this user friendly manual takes you through each step of the process Whether analysing your market building competitive advantage or addressing risk and opportunity you'll find the strategic. I wish I had thought of the idea for this book Or could have done it so well The selection of topics is excellent the commentary astute and the explanations simple and engaging Perfect for reading on a plane or browsing at home Richard Koch entrepreneur co founder LEK Consulting and author The 8020 Principle This is a new very practical and delightfully pithy approach to strategy making It offers a fabulous compendium of the major strategy tools woven into a no nonsense step by step strategy process An enormously refreshing and helpful book invaluable to novices and strategy experts alikeMarcus Alexander Professor of Strategy and Enterprise London Business School A really practical guide to strategy development All the relevant tools are explained in detail but highlighting the essential ones is a master stroke that will save endless hours Adrian Beecroft Chairman Dawn Capital and former Senior Managing Partner Apax PartnersA comprehensive inventory of the tools and analytical frameworks of strategy The key value of this book is the guidance it offers on how to apply these tools and this is rooted in Vaughan Evans deep experience of working with themRobert M Grant ENI Professor of Strategic Management Bocconi University Milan visiting fellow at Georgetown University Washington and author of the market leading strategy textbook for business school students Contemporary Strategic Analysis now in its 7th edition Everything you need from a tool kit comprehensive practical and high added value Mike Garland Partner and Head of Portfolio Group Permira Advisers LLP This book really works I hope it becomes a standard for every management team seeking private euity it would certainly make my life much easier David Williamson Managing Director Nova Capital Management A broad yet accessible explanation of the range of strategy tools actually used by businesses Whether you are an experienced strategy specialist or newer to the field you will find this an invaluable guide Robert Samuelson Executive Director Group Strategy Virgin Media Strategy is at the heart of a successful business with this excellent book Vaughan Evans has provided an extremely clear roadmap to achieving that success James Courtenay Global Head Advisory Infrastructure Finance Standard Chartered Bank A very satisfying read This is a guide to strategy which covers all the necessary ground in a very straightforward and no nonsense way employing a number of good real life examples of strategy in practice It is written by a true expert and will prove an invaluable tool for anybody involved in the running of a business Vince O Brien Director Montagu Private Euity and Past Chairman of the British Venture Capital Association It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of strategy let alone how one guru s work blends with those of his predecessors Vaughan Evans has done it for us He gives us a thorough refresher course with each leading strategy theory model or matrix presented as a tool in the manager s toolkit and carefully placed in each step of the strategy process Each tool is described in a lucid and vivid style seldom found in a business manual Refreshing and invaluable for a DIY strategist Christine Harvey former Director of Business Analysis and Planning GlaxoSmithKline RD A practical approach easy to read and understand on how to build your business strategy the steering direction that any business large or small needs to succeed Jose Maria Maldonado Partner Bridgepoint Capital Madrid Every company needs to know where it is headed It needs a strategy That doesn t have to be complicated especially for an SME Much of it is common sense Be guided by Vaughan Evans s sensible but sparkling book and you will get the strategy you need Peter Wright Investment Director Finance Wales I had never come across a strategy manual that was as useful as the Powerpoint slides we used to follow at my former consulting group Until now Evans s book is exceptional It is effectively two books in one a DIY strategy manual and a toolkit The manual is arranged around his Strategy Pyramid with its nine no nonsense building blocks Then in each block he lays out a bunch of tools guiding us as to which are the most essential for developing a strategy This is an easy to follow strategy process that any manager can run with A winning book for a winning strategy Stephen Lawrence Chief Executive Protocol Education Ltd and former Managing Director Arthur D Little Often one of our portfolio companies needs to firm up or redefine its strategy Sometimes we have to call in strategy consultants to help the management team With this tiptop strategy manual to hand we may not need to make those calls Ken Lawrence Partner Gresham Private Euity Another excellent book from Vaughan Evans This time he s achieved the near impossible task of writing a book on strategy formulation that is actually differentiated from the plethora of other offerings out there By setting out each of 88 strategy models and techniues within a transparent process this book will be genuinely useful to managers and entrepreneurs James Pitt Partner Lexington Partners Many businesses fail to deliver their potential or fail altogether because they neglect to develop a clear concise appropriate and well communicated strategy Business books on the subject often don t help they tend to adopt a theoretical approach appearing to the manager to lack practical relevance As a result they can be unhelpful and uninspiring This is far from the case in Vaughan Evans s excellent Key Strategy Tools He has put together a well constructed compendium of techniues and tools from Porter to Rumelt Hamel to Hammer plus some gems from his own solid experience and provides clear guidance on their relevance and application Evans has a no nonsense conversational style of writing and has delivered a book for all managers regardless of experience As with his recent guide to writing a business plan this is not for your business library It is for action on your deskGrahame Hughes Founding Director Haven Power Ltd I am not aware of any other book that brings together so many different business analysis tools into a single volume cleverly grouped to shape a manual You can t have a Haynes manual for strategy but this is as close as you will get to one It has the potential to become the standard reference text for busy executives Richard Hepper Deputy Chief Executive Capital for Enterprise This is a most impressive book I particularly like the approach it takes structurally with each of the 88 tools assigned its rightful place in the strategy formulation process It is a comprehensive practical and highly effective guide to strategy and will prove an invaluable aide to both entrepreneurs and managers of larger businesses I genuinely like this book Charles Ind Managing Partner Bowmark Capital LLPIn writing Key Strategy Tools Vaughan Evans has provided us with a handy reference book of strategy models and techniues with the added benefit of a sound process manual Using his characteristic brand of humour Evans reminds us of most of the tried and tested tools and introduces some stimulating new ones tooMike Price Chief Executive Better Strategy Ltd Where else can you find instant access and a user friendly guide to over 80 important strategy tools A must for every manager s desktop Paul Gough Partner STAR Capital Partners Vaughan Evans has done it again His book on business planning last year showed entrepreneurs how to build a plan that meets investor concerns But a winning plan hinges on a winning strategy Now Evans sets out how to build such a strategy clearly and progressively Follow this book and you ll build a strategy to win over investors Jonathan Derry Evans Partner Manfield PartnersA successful strategy reuires an intellectual framework clear analysis and the tools to construct it Vaughan Evans new book brings all these together and explains in jargon free language how to choose and use the tools most relevant to your needs to create a compelling strategy Comprehensive but clear and concise and evidently honed from practical experience this is the go to strategy guide for entrepreneurs and managers alike Richard Kemp Managing Partner Sephton Capital

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Thinking tools you need at every stage in your strategy developmentFollowing in the footsteps of the hugely successful Key Management Models and Key Performance Indicators this book delivers professional level information in the practical and accessible framework synonymous with the Key seri. It s great reference and strategy framework


The strategy tools you need for your business to succeed Let Key Strategy Tools be your guide to developing a winning strategy for your firm Cherry pick the most useful approaches for your business and create a robust strategy that withstands investor scrutiny and becomes your roadmap to succ. This is a collection of strategy models like Porter s 5 Forces or the BCG Matrix but it s than that The author has written a strategy handbook on how to use these models as practical tools Strategy models are a diverse bunch and they relate to anything from how to set up a distribution chain to employee knowledge management to competitive positioning to well as I said almost anything Vaughn Evans a management consultant and former banker and economist presents a framework that puts each tool in a natural context This framework is in itself an excellent tool that displays how various strategy niches fit together To me this framework is actually one of the main contributions of the book True some of the tools presented to a certain extent have to be sueezed into one of the niches but that s easily forgivenThis framework is not only a categorization but also a step by step manual for how to develop a coherent corporate strategy The only issues hindering this book from being the CEO s one stop shop are the lack of advice on strategy implementationexecution and also of mundane lower level tools concerning procurement production distribution etc No matter the new CEO at least got half of his job covered by Evans textAs the chapters progress and follow the framework the author at times arrives at necessary tasks related to forming a strategy that has not been covered by a fancy matrix from Michael Porter McKinsey or Peters Waterman Instead of jumping to the next task Evens simply writes a short text on the job at hand calls it a tool and moves on Even if some of Evans 88 strategy tools are to be characterized as concepts such as DCFs tipping points Taleb s Black Swan price elasticity etc that the author thinks the corporate manager should know of and use the fact that no step in the process are skipped makes it possible to build a strategy from the text Evans also contributes a couple of proper tools of himself of which I will use the Suns and Clouds chart freuently in the futureDespite the pocket book like appearance this book contains 339 rather packed pages and since every tool is summarized the text is rather fact rich This could be a heavy text if the writing hadn t been so fluent at times helped by small pinches of dry humour The framing of the models also make the reading easier and for those who don t want to dwell too much on alternative models Evans has picked out those he thinks are the most important ones to use at each step of the strategy formulation If I could have wished for something it would have been pointed tips for further reading As it is now there are references presented for each rather long chapter and it s not always clear which of these books if any that relate to the tool you wanted to study furtherIt s hard to pick out favourites out of all the models presented However the manual for corporate acuisitions is simple but excellent If all those involved in MA historically had followed it serious amounts of shareholders money would have been saved I also appreciated a trio of connected tools called Customer Purchasing Criteria Key Success Factors and Rating Competitive Position Here you first identify what customers need from a product the CPCs then what a company and its competitors has to do to deliver the CPC ie the KSFs and lastly you weigh the KSFs according to their importance and rank all the relevant competitors on how they fulfil them This gives a highly revealing picture of the competitive position of a company I also feel I have to read about the Blue Ocean strategyOn top of getting a reference toolbox of strategy models and a manual for strategy formulation those who read the book cover to cover also receive a useful crash course on the history of strategy and management theories This book will be the first one I return to whenever a task of strategic nature has to be handled

  • Paperback
  • 358
  • Key Strategy Tools
  • Vaughan Evans
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9780273778868

About the Author: Vaughan Evans

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