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    Man Lou Reed was such a dick

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    I read most of this one night while working the graveyard shift at a very institutional group home in the real methy part of SE Portland I was the only person awake and not severely mentally ill in the whole building except for the parole guys who I was pretty sure were faking it or at least greatly exaggerating There were these big sliding glass doors where of course the methhead psychos lurking in the dark could watch me mopping all lit

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    I absolutely inhaled this Legs' view is that punk was a strictly American phenomenon with its roots in The Doors The Velvet Underground The MC5 The Stooges and that the British got it completely wrong and basically killed the movement And he presents that argument wellPretty much everyone in the book appears to be exactly what I already th

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    As an avid reader and subseuent loather of punk rock history I was excited to get into this And although I didn't get exactly what I

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    Along with Dave Marsh’s “Before I Get Old” Ian Hunter’s ”Diary of a Rock N’ Roll Star” and Tony Sanchez’s “Up and Down With the Rolling Stones” “Please Kill Me” is right up there on the Mount Rush of

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    If you love gossipy oral histories this is the book for you It's probably better if you're familiar with the mus

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    Things I learned from this book Everyone involved in the early American punk scene was one big incestuous relationship Everyone had sex with everyone else at one point or another Male female transsexuals johns etc Everyone was on drugs How did

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    45 stars just not a 5 because I don't think a reread will affect me the same way Little did I realize that the punk movement started a

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    Drugs drugs drugs Sex sex sex Violence and vomit and just a little bit of music Virtually no analysis and not much beyond first we did this and then we did this and then we went there and we were so stoned manWhat might have had punch and charm if embedded in an historically informed narrative just drags intermin

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    This was a fascinating book giving an uncompromising view of the nasty underbelly that spawn punk rock There were some unbelievably horrible people for example Lou Reed who was an utterly despicable asshole and yet I still like a good chunk of the Velvet Underground's music and the New York Dolls who were pretty much just sexist jerks who

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Please Kill Me The Uncensored Oral History of Punk

Please Kill Me broch Legs Mc Neil Livre tous les Please Kill Me est le fruit vnneux de centaines d'heures d'entretiens avec ceux ui ont anim l'un des mouvements culturels et musicaux les plus dtonants de la fin du vingtime sicle le punk rock amricain Ralis sous forme de montage nerveux extrmement vivant et souvent impitoyablement drle ou tragiue ce livre dans leuel les voix se rpondent rarement pour s Please Kill Me Die unzensierte Geschichte des Punk ebook Please Kill Me” ist ein amsantes und informatives Lesevergngen das zudem wieder enorm Lust macht seine alten Platten aufzulegen eBook avec Kobo by Fnac Des milliers de livres partout avec vous grce aux liseuses et l'appli Kobo by Fnac Une exprience de lecture optimale pour le mme confort u'un livre papier En savoir plus Avis clients Please Kill Me Soyez le premier Livre Please kill me par Legs McNeil France Inter “Richard Hell s’tait fabriu un tee shirt avec maru Please Kill Me mais il ne le voulait pas le porter J’ai dit ‘Je vais le mettre moi’ Alors je l’ai mis uand on a jou Please kill me | DIES IRAE Please Kill Me c’est une tape suivante ui abandonne les crits classiues et ajoute de la mlodie puisu’un guitariste se greffe la batterie. Man Lou Reed was such a dick

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D'y rentrer mais le projet dcoiffe pas mal PDF Please Kill Me The Uncensored Oral History Free download or read online Please Kill Me The Uncensored Oral History of Punk pdf ePUB book The first edition of the novel was published in and was written by Legs McNeil The book was published in multiple languages including English consists of pages and is available in Paperback format The main characters of this music non fiction story are Watch Baby Please Kill Me English Subbed in HD Baby Please Kill Me Baby Please Kill Me Type TV Series Date aired Status Completed Views Genre Comedy School Seinen Kill Me Baby is the touching story of Yasuna a normal ? high school girl and Sonya her best friend who happens to be an assassin Unfortunately little Sonya’s trained assassin instincts often work against her and others in her daily high school life Achat please kill me pas cher ou d'occasion | Rakuten Ainsi en plus des prix bas aperus dans notre rayon le montant votre achat Please Kill Me vous est rembours hauteur de % minimum en Rakuten Point Une raison supplmentaire s'il en fallait une de vous donner envie de commander votre article Please Kill Me sur Rakuten Car oui nous n'avons peut tre pas de code promo Please Kil. Drugs drugs drugs Sex sex sex Violence and vomit and just a little bit of music Virtually no analysis and not much beyond first we did this and then we did this and then we went there and we were so stoned manWhat might have had punch and charm if embedded in an historically informed narrative just drags interminably here as one after the other rather sad sordid character races to a tragic and untimely end The actual oral documentation is valuable and worthy of being recorded somewhere but it does not make a very cohesive or illuminating book Having just read Arlette Farge s magisterial The Allure of the Archives a book dealing with 18th century criminal interviews and judicial records which cautions against taking oral sources at face value not because they re unreliable but because we are as we listen to them without context or a broader sense of how they fit into individual s entire lives and their place in the world I wondered what a careful historian might make of all this material Certainly something deeper and engaging than this

review ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × Legs McNeil

Pour se confronter des textes de Matthieu Boisset ui n’abandonne pas ses rfrences rcurrentes au thtre antiue Bacchus est convou ce festin de mots nus o il est uestion du corps et de la chair uelue PLEASE KILL ME Nouveau Thtre de Montreuil Salle Monter Please Kill Me un spectacle ui fait directement rfrence au rock et au punk est presue comme un retour aux sources pour cette compagnie chevronne dont les membres atteignent peine la uarantaine Forcment il y a un gros boulot sur le matriau musical dans ce spectacle remarue Mathieu Bauer On part de chansons Iggy Pop Richard Hell Television les Ramones les PLEASE KILL ME Thtre Please kill me ne sera pas si loign ue a de Tristan et confie t il en ce sens ue c’est encore par la musiue et autour de la musiue u’il s’crira ue les voix et les corps prendront encore possession du plateau La dernire phrase d’Isolde “me noyer m’engloutir volupt suprme” pourra trouver son prolongement dans l’aventure d’une Spectacle vivant Please kill me Big and small et mon pays Please kill me d'aprs le roman de Legs Mc Neil et Gillian Mc Cain mise en scne Mathieu Bauer; Please Kill Me Jolle Gayot C'est une traverse de cet univers et si on n'est pas fan il est difficile. Along with Dave Marsh s Before I Get Old Ian Hunter s Diary of a Rock N Roll Star and Tony Sanchez s Up and Down With the Rolling Stones Please Kill Me is right up there on the Mount Rush of Rawk Tales from the Naked City but if you come here in search of Malcolm McLaren Sex Pistols The Clash Generation X or The Stranglers look away nowAlthough inevitably there is a bit of overlap with old school Brit punk just beginning to take seed across the pond somewhere along this sordid timeline Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain hit the ground running er staggering trying to explain out how two bands of proto punks MC5 and the Stooges placed Detroit a noisy nowhere land in mid America on the map foreverIt must have been something in the water around here or the charm and comfort of living in a place where music biz marketing trends and gimmicks are met with a wizened cynical roll of the eyes When punk did finally break out the Detroit faithful had reason to shrug and ask What took you guys so long In the end MCfive knockaround guys from the downriver shot and a beer enclave of Lincoln Park just weren t cut out for the revolution or at least not manager guru and counterculture cause celebre John Sinclair s complicated woefully misguided and hopelessly na ve version of it dope guns and fucking in the streets completely out of their wheelhouse Well the guns part of the euation at least Their idea of liberation had to do with smoking marijuana cigarettes dropping acid and playing on 10 as a means to an end avoiding the path of least resistance to their birthrights as shop rats in the automobile factories which have sustained Detroit for most of the past century The rest they just sort of fell intoThe Stoogeswell who knows what the hell they were thinking their stock in trade a big bang primordial collision of monosyllabic angst and convulsing tribal rhythm that staked out a section of real estate entirely its own oscillating between grey areas of alienation tedium and outright dementia Iggy yammering grunting and howling like a feral cat on methamphetamine and human growth hormone Plain and simple they weren t fooling around But by early 1974 the band was done like dinner Iggy facing down a motorcycle gang at the Michigan Palace finger on the self destruct button while dodging eggs light bulbs paper cups and worse taunting them with You nearly killed me but you missed again so you have to keep tryin next week his final comment to close a seven year run Only problem was there wasn t a next weekFrom Detroit it s onward but not necessarily upward to the New York Dolls and the reputation of the toxically charming Johnny Thunders as a pharmaceutical repository most of the band so high they had to call NASA to find their heads Big Apple dreamers the band went to the edge of teen beat stardom and looked down content to lift a few drinks crank a few chicks and wreck a couple of hotel rooms Anything greater would have been just too much hassleThunders was monumentally talented everything Keith Richards was supposed to be but often wasn t chaotic lurching and with nothing else besides rock and roll to live for exceptuma bump of heroin After the Dolls went belly up in Florida of all places Thunders and drummer Jerry Nolan rebounded with the Heartbreakers not the Tom Petty outfit eual parts genius and myth and perhaps the most thrilling and self destructively drug addled group of bad influences to ever congeal in one place once again stalling at second level stardom by willfully mismanaging their career and never uite getting their collective shit together enough to even come close to a follow up to their killer but woefully mixed debut album LAMF By the time the Ramones stumble out of Forest Hills into CBGBs and then hit the road on a 20 year bus ride across the US and beyond over 2200 gigs in all much of America was ripe for the picking They just didn t know it yet Their debut album released when punk was overlapping disco fell on deaf dimwit ears for the most part and for those of us who felt they may just change the world if not the music biz the failure of their sales to approximate the accolades or even get on the radio once in a while is still a stake through the heart of the 20 year old that beats within my chest somewhereAnyone who s been following the plot knows things don t end well here the entire New York scene going down in flames faster than The Clash after releasing Sandinista but it s like rubber necking a multi car pileup on I 75 North the Friday before Labor Day It s impossible to look away

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About the Author: Legs McNeil

Roderick Edward Legs McNeil b 1956 in Cheshire Connecticut is the co founder and a writer for Punk Magazine He is also a former senior editor at Spin Magazine and the founder and editor of Nerve magazine print only; 1992At the age of 18 disgusted with the hippie movement that seemed to be going nowhere McNeil gathered with two high school friends John Holmstrom and Ged Dunn and dec