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This book is a combination of personal account and channeled insights from the faer ERP Demystified is a combination of personal account and channeled Somos chicos de menta (Tomo 5) insights from the faer

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S on many of the everyday challenges and issues faced by people in the modern world ERP Demystified issues faced by people Somos chicos de menta (Tomo 5) in the modern world

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Y folk or Sidhe as viewed by one woman and her Sidhe guides and guardians It touche

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    Our favorite parts of Rionagh na Ard’s book Awakening Life Lessons from the Sidhe concern her personal experiences that led to her awakening and her understanding and acceptance of her faerie nature Much of the book involves her relationship with Niall her Sidhe mentor lover star mate who offers her advice concerning various life uestions that she poses to him and we admit we very much resonated with his replies for they so oft

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    As a Sidhe soul in a human body I feel that Rionagh does a great job of making the connections between our worlds

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    Far than the typical 'channelling' book Awakening gives us life lessons for not only moving through the world but being a part of the world Filled with insight beauty and hope

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