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Set in the epic world of Bhumi DevaShard chronicles the life of a radiant son robbed of his birthright an.

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Devashard at First Light

The hero must fight to become a fearsome warrior if he is to survive the evil threatening to extinguish h.

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D plunged into a land gripped by darkness In this world of magical beasts mighty gods and cursed daemons.

2 thoughts on “Devashard at First Light

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    This graphic novel was created by a team sitting in Hong Kong and they created a world which was heavily inspired by Mahabharata and this world was Bhumi This was a fast paced and little bit confusing book but that can be excused as this is first book This book has the episode where Kunti has to pass on Karn as he was borne out of w

  2. says:

    The art is very pretty and the world is clearly expansive but this is a poor introduction to the world It's rushed and sloppy and unclear what exactly is happening in the action seuences I'm sure it's all very interesting but it's portrayed that way

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