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How the atmospheric shadows and the in between nature of twilight has fired the imagination and generated works of incredible beauty mystery and romance Ambitious and brilliantly executed this is the perfect book for the bedside table richly rewarding and endlessly thought provoki. loving the book just as described excellent seller Would recommend

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The Last of the Light: About Twilight

Neither day nor night twilight has long exerted a fascination for Western artists thinkers and writers while haunting the Romantics and intriguing philosophers and scientists In The Last of the Light Peter Davidson takes readers through our culture s long engagement with the conce. Fascinating book

Summary The Last of the Light: About Twilight

Pt of twilight from the melancholy of smoky English autumn evenings to the midnight sun of northern European summers and beyond Taking in poets and painters Victorians and Romans city and countryside and deftly combining memoir literature philosophy and art history Davidson shows. Bought for a friendshe loves it and she s a book fiendso it must be good

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    Fascinating book

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    Deeply original, drawing on an enormous variety of cultural references Thoughtful, poetic, melancholy, the product of a magpie mind of huge intellect and deep feeling.

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    With a freewheeling anecdotal style reminiscent of WG Sebald, and ranging in subject matter from Rilke to a Hundre

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    A very evocative study of the cultural and atmosphere of failing light

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    Bought for a friendshe loves it and she s a book fiendso it must be good.

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    The Celtic Twilight revisited with cultured elegance, a good read for those who find themselves at odds modern times.

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    wonderful book by an author I ve been reading for years The Eloquence of Shadows 1994 , The Universal Baroque 2007 alas, my copy arrived damaged, but not damaged enough to hassle with replacement.

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    loving the book, just as described, excellent seller Would recommend

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