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True passion or few escapes from her unfulfilling life until she becomes the prime suspect in h.


Secret Pleasures

Marrying a much older man against her will innocent Lady Genelle Tisne has little knowledge of.

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Er husband's murder and is swept into the arms of seductive private detective Rulan Roak Origin.

3 thoughts on “Secret Pleasures

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    Back in the day before explicitly sexual novels for women were commonplace I'd read this author by default It didn't take long to tire of her typical pattern of Boy Meets Girl Boy Hates Girl Boy Can't Resist Her Nipples etc etc The sex scenes tended to be as repetitive as the couples were unlikable the women petulant and annoying the men judgemental and childish This book is an exception with a plot and sexual chemistry

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    Hot hot steamy awesome readThis covers mystery murder sex lots of sex BSDM and a tiny bit of RomanceHad to put the book down

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    I read this when i was VERY young just before I hit the teen years and i loved it it was very vivid it was captivating and surgically attached to my hand not literally i regret losing my copy and hope i can purchase a new one soon ^^