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SUMMARY Bible Enlightened

Bible Enlightened Religions and Yoga introduces the reader to a new and challenging perspective on the mystical side of yoga as compared to the worldAaas religions Based on twelve years of substantial research and travel around the world it comes to provide a bridge between the Eastern and Western.


Bible Enlightened

Forms of spirituality which support and complete each other The present work delivers a far reaching analysis of the Old and New Testaments in connection to other scriptures pertaining to Islam Hinduism Buddhism Taoism and other religions as well as esoteric doctrines such as Kabbalah Sufism and.

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Hesychasm The author resorted to a wealth of documentary sources aiming to reveal the profound unity and often hidden essence of the worldAaas spiritual heritageThis is a 2 Volume Set Books cannot be purchased separatelyVolume One ISBN 1 4137 0262 7 387 pagesVolume Two ISBN 1 4137 0346 1 661 pages.